Reviews for Sidney's Animal Rescue Store:

Orlando Sentinel by Nicolas A. Basbanes
The inviting, cleverly rhyming tribute is modeled on a real place, beautifully choreographed by playwright, poet and composer Elizabeth Swados, whose lively, funny lines suggest she is well-versed in the ways of the animal kingdom.  The story has an important message -- every abandoned creature is in need -- that is handled with grace and sensitivity.

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Kirkus Reviews, New York, March 1 2005
The author's background in writing and composing for the theater is evident in this unusual collection of poetry that begs to be read aloud in dramatic voices or acted out as a class play. The 21 poems form a narrative arc that describes the inhabitants of a combination animal-rescue center and pet store, a fantastic sort of shelter that will take in a llama or a lobster. The unnamed narrator, usually an African-American teenaged boy who seems to be a helper at the shelter, introduces the owner of the store and a wide variety of potential pets. Swados uses stream-of-consciousness musings, invented words and animals sounds, snappy conversations and wildly imaginative characterizations to give the store owner and each animal a unique personality. She isn't afraid to use rap conventions, near-rhymes or incorrect grammar when it suits the narrator, and she doesn't worry too much about her rhyme schemes or use of commas. Somehow, it all works together, enhanced by Wilson's vibrant illustrations, bright background colors and a jazzy design. (Poetry. 5-10)

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School Library Journal, New York, March 2005
This collection of poetic verse tells the story of Sidney, who runs a special shop in which he takes in and tries to find homes for an eclectic assortment of animals including a buzzard, a llama, and tarantulas. Some of the poems speak from the heart of people of all ages who want pets, or those who just want to look at the curious wildlife. Others tell humorous tales of animal rescue from a variety of venues. Amusing illustrations in mixed-media collage add bold color and a cheerful, rollicking tone to the mix. Many of the selections are clever, well worded, and funny, with lots of sound effects and alliteration, while others have awkward rhythm and rhyme schemes and several go on too long. Adept teachers could use these poems to create a unique and interesting performance piece. Collectively they tell an amusing and sometimes moving tale. (Be Astengo, Alachua County Library, Gainesville, FL)
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